More great content…

I’ll compile a list here of the great content that I’ve been reading and listening to and that I think deserve boat loads of attention!

Alice Isn’t Dead – this podcast from Night Vale Presents is an instant classic, written by Welcome to Night Vale’s Joseph Fink and narrated mainly by the amazing Jasika Nicole, follow Keisha on a fantastical adventure around the US as she searches for her wife, Alice. Find out more…

Dreamboy – another Night Vale Presents gem, created by Ellie Heyman and co-created and performed by Dane Terry, this ongoing series takes us to Cleveland, Ohio for a story about dreams, forevers, flickering lights and relentless change. Just a warning: wear earphones, this one’s a bit saucy. Find out more…

Heavy That – if you’re interested in hardcore and alternative music and want all the latest news and gig reviews (especially if you’re from the North West of England), then my friend Courtney’s blog is right up your street (or url bar?). Find out more…

Other authors that inspire me:

Philip Pullman, the brilliant author of His Dark Materials, his writing has stood the test of time and his stories resonate in my life today. I think he’s honestly one of the greatest fantasy writers of the modern age and possibly one of the most thought provoking.

Christopher Paolini, another great modern fantasy author of the acclaimed Inheritance Cycle, if you want adventure, dragons, elves, dwarves and a hecking great heap of magical fun, definitely read his work.

More to be added…


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